Simple. Privacy focused. Easy to use. Low cost. No cookies.

Made for projects that care about the basic visitor analytics on their website. Complies with the EU GDPR with a focus on privacy.

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    Pay nothing in advance, no credit card required during sign-up. We measure cost per page view on a yearly basis.

    Free tier

    First 100.000 page views are free.

    Regular tier

    9$/year for an extra 1.000.000 yearly page views.


    7$ extra for each million views.

    What we offer

    Privacy first, all the important data you need

    One line setup After you’ve created your account you’ll have a one liner that can be added to your website to start gathering data.

    Yearly payment We check usage per calendar year, so even if you have a very popular month, that’s not going to be an issue.

    Low cost, no credit card Yearly generious free quota, and low cost yearly subscriptions.

    Covering all the basic data Unique users, country origin, referral origin. Check the live demo further down.

    Live dashboard for this webpage

    Same dashboard as you will see

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